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Insuring Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Northfield, Wilmette and Winnetka, Illinois

Flood Insurance
Here's 10 reasons you may be interested in buying flood insurance:
1. Most homeowner policies do NOT cover flood damage.
2. Water backup endorsement on your home policy does NOT cover flood.
3. Just an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property.
4. New land development can increase flood risk, especially if the construction changes natural runoff patterns.
5. If you live in a low risk area, you may be eligible for a Preferred Rate.
6. 1/3 of all claims were paid out of low risk areas.
7. Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states.
8. A car can easily be carried away by just two feet of floodwater.
9. Winter storms and snow melt are overlooked causes of flood loss.
10. Federal disaster assistance is a loan that must be paid back with interest.

Pet Insurance
Pet insurance helps pay unexpected veterinary bills, so you can get your pet the best care available, regardless of the cost.

Short Term Health
Insurance covering medical expenses or income loss resulting from injury or sickness.

Travel Insurance
There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel a vacation, return home early, or even seek medical treatment while traveling. Travel insurance covers you for these unexpected expenses.

Umbrella Insurance
Umbrella Insurance protects you from major claims and/or lawsuits by providing coverage beyond the limits of your homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies. Also known as "extra" insurance coverage, it protects you when those other insurance policies just aren't enough.

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